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BONDI WASH – where nature seamlessly meets effectiveness


About Bondi

Founded by Belinda Everingham, Bondi Wash is where nature seamlessly meets effectiveness. Their range is meticulously crafted, with each product being 99-100% derived from nature and incorporating anti-bacterial Australian native oils.

Bondi Wash prides itself on its beautifully fragrant scents and unwavering commitment to sustainability, offering products that are gentle on both consumers and the planet.

Why we love Bondi Wash

At SPOON Pilates, we’re dedicated to offering products that align with our holistic wellness and sustainability values. That’s why we’ve partnered with Bondi Wash. Their naturally derived, effective products match our ethos, providing clients with eco-conscious, skin-friendly solutions alongside Pilates benefits.

We’re proud to feature Bondi Wash in our studio, promoting well-being for both body and planet. Visit our store to experience Bondi Wash firsthand.

HOME Edition

Bench Spray: 
  • Non-toxic, multi-purpose spray for all home surfaces.
  • Fragranced with native scents for enjoyable cleaning.
  • Kills 99.99% of germs naturally.
  • Safe for all, including food areas and pets.
  • Economical trigger spray delivers 2,000 sprays.
  • Effective on leather, marble, wood, and fabrics. VKP €24.-
Mist Spray:
  • Purifies, freshens, and naturally fragrances your space.
  • Powerful essential oils kill airborne bacteria and disinfect surfaces.
  • Kills 99.9% of germs.
  • Gentle, non-toxic formulation.
  • Versatile: refreshes clothes, imparts scent on linen, and serves as a delicate pillow spray. VKP €25.-
Essential Oil: 
  • 100% pure essential oil (natural fragrance).
  • Packaged in glass bottles for maximum light protection and to maintain oil quality.
  • Distinctly Australian scents.
  • Can be used in diffusers, as a massage oil or in the bath VKP €25.-
Dish Wash: 
  • Naturally anti-bacterial with beautiful Australian scents.
  • Non-drying and free from toxic chemicals.
  • Gentle formulation, safe for use without gloves.
  • 100% plant-derived ingredients.
  • Free from sulphates, synthetic fragrance, colors, and chlorine.
  • Safe for use around food preparation areas and babies.
  • Low-foaming formula. VKP €19.-

BEAUTY Edition

Body Brush: 

This body brush, made of hardwood and boar bristles with an integrated strap for better grip, removes dead skin cells and prepares the skin for care products and self-tanner, leaving it smooth and well-groomed. VKP €22.-

Body Wash: 

A gentle, natural, and highly concentrated body wash with 99%+ plant-derived ingredients and Australian botanical scents, perfect for sensitive skin, also suitable for face, enriched with moisturizers, non-drying, anti-bacterial, and cruelty-free. VKP €33.-

Body Lotion: 

This botanically-derived body lotion, enriched with Australian Flame Tree extract for maintaining skin firmness and elasticity, features 100% natural ingredients, bioactives, collagen-enhancers, and is cruelty-free. VKP €55.-


A natural, plant-derived deodorant with anti-bacterial oils, German chamomile, and magnesium to deodorize and maintain healthy pH, enriched with aloe vera and glycerin for soft skin, free of aluminum, alcohol, sulfates, and synthetic fragrances. VKP €25.-

Hand Wash:

This gentle, naturally anti-bacterial hand wash is enriched with aloe vera, vitamin E, and sunflower oil, making it perfect for sensitive skin, while its highly concentrated formula ensures long-lasting use. VKP €33.-

Lip Balm:

This soothing, hydrating lip balm nourishes dry lips with 99% organic and 100% naturally-derived ingredients, enriched with rosella and wattleseed, and can be worn under lipstick for smoother application. VKP €18.-

After Sun Mist:

Choose between a cooling After Sun Mist enriched with aloe vera and Kakadu plum, designed to soothe, hydrate, and heal sun-exposed skin, featuring a gentle formulation with over 99% plant-derived ingredients, ideal for sensitive skin. VKP €25.-


Purifying Night Balm Buddhawood & Blackcurrant: ausgleichender und pflegender Balsam, enthält Akaziensamen-Extrakt und Rosella-Öl, befreit von Unreinheiten und verbessert das Hautbild, mit 99 % biologischen und 100 % natürlichen Zutaten, duftet nach Wüsten-Rosenholz, schwarzer Johannisbeere & blauer Zypresse. VKP €55.-

You can buy all these BONDI WASH products at our SPOON Pilates Shop at Färbergasse 3, Graz. We also use the whole home edition product range in our studio and our customers just love our signature fragrance (03) Lemon Tee Tree & Mandarin, cause it tastes like summer.


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